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Yes Hair, We care Campaign!

One of the most difficult things about going through chemotherapy is the fact that most people lose their hair during treatment. I’ve been to multiple group meetings and most of the time it was the 1st thing the members would vocalize their fears about.

Before receiving chemo, I did so much research and decided to use the Penguin Cold Caps, as a solution to not lose my hair during treatment. They had been doing this treatment in Europe for over 30 years. It was just recently approved by the FDA as a safe treatment for women, men, and children to use during chemotherapy in the United States. The only problem, like most great medication, it’s very expensive. My Goal is to put a cold cap in every Chemo room at Winship Clinic at Emory Midtown, where I still receive treatment monthly. I also want to help other finance cold caps who are receiving treatment at other facilities.

Not losing my hair made my chemo experience better because I didn’t look how I was diagnosed, I didn’t look sick. Not having that stigma attached to me everywhere I went made it easy for me to go out in public. There’s a level of healing that happens when you don’t look how you feel. I was confident. And I want all women and men to feel this same confidence I experienced while going through chemotherapy. Please make a donation to the Yes Hair, We Care Campaign.


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